PRIVACY To the user,
we advise that, in accordance with the  article of law, no. 196 of  30 June, 2003 ("the code referring to the protection of personal information"),  personal information is protected and is not shared with third parties. In accordance with said law, treatment of personal information is governed by the principles of transparency and subject to the protection of confidentiality.
Pursuant to and by effect of  article 13 of the law, n° 196 of 2003, we provide the following information.


  • Personal information you provide to  “Oro di Spello” , either electronically, by telephone or in written form, is dealt with by specifically-employed staff for the following purpose:
  • to enact your request for information, either commercial or promotional,  and to send any relevant materials pertaining to your request.  Such communication or diffusion of information is restricted only  to  “Oro di Spello”.
  • The proprietor of all material  is  “Oro di Spello”, in the person of its legal representative.
  • Interested parties may exercise their rights under art. 7 of the law, no. 196/2003,  (which governs the right of access, amendment, adjournment, opposition to treatment and cancellation).


Agreement by the user to the treatment of personal information, in accordance with legislation 196/2003

By clicking on the key  “Accept”, the user  automatically grants permission to the Proprietor to deal with the personal information provided, as declared in clause 1A) of the information herein presented and as regulated by the authorisation granted by the guarantor and by current legislation.